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Secure Container Storage

Hitchens long - term storage services
we make storage easy

  • Household effects are wrapped and placed into storage containers.
  • The containers are in a modern, purpose built warehouse.
  • Your container is exclusive to your belongings.
  • The system used is safe and secure.
  • You receive a written inventory of your belongings. 

Many of our customers find they need to put household effects into store for a long period.
You could have a legacy to store or may be working abroad for a period of years and need
the flexibility of a long-term storage services.

Why choose Hitchens long-term storage services?

If you need your goods to be wrapped or packed into cartons, or furniture to be protected prior to long-term storage , Hitchens will provide a trained moving team to pack for you to protect your goods.

Accurate records of your storage consignment.

If you are placing goods into long-term storage, you may not be accessing them for some years.
Hitchens will create an inventory of all your goods going into store, so that you have an accurate record of the goods in our care.

Convenient delivery service.

When you are ready for delivery Hitchens will deliver your consignment to its new location at a mutually convenient time.

Storage Insurance for your peace of mind
If you are moving and have Transit Insurance with Hitchens and want to arrange for some items to into our storage facilities, then we can offer additional fire In-store insurance to cover your goods while in store. Your Transit insurance will cover your goods from when they come out of storage to the final delivery.

If you elect not to purchase transit insurance then you can acquire fire insurance only for your goods while they are in store.