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Environmental Policy

HITCHENS Removals & Storage are not new converts to the “Green way” of doing business.

We have been there from our beginning over 35 years ago!

Our Green ethos permeates every aspect of our day-to-day operations as removers, warehousemen, shippers and packers.

Here are some of the things we do to turn our environmental policy into reality on the ground in all parts or our operations.


  • Selecting vehicles on a life cycle basis that takes into account fuel efficiency, emissions and repair costs.
  • Minimising empty running, by better planning.

Fuel Efficiency

  • Operating a “full inflation” policy to ensure our vehicles tyres are inflated to manufactures guidelines.
  • Fitting wind deflectors to our vehicles.
  • Having a fleet replacement policy in line with London Low Emissions Zone requirements.


  • Involving staff in recycling schemes for office and warehouse waste.
  • Encouraging double sided printing for all our internal printing and filing.
  • Training drivers in fuel efficient driving strategies.


  • Selecting suppliers and partners that have sound environmental policies.
  • Working with our suppliers to get the best environmental results for both parties.